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Whether you have 10 or 10 million followers, you can monetise your content and expertise using Tartl.

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What is a Membership?

  • Predictable revenue

    Generate predictable, recurring revenue from your work through fans who pay you monthly

  • Fan connection

    Connect with your biggest fans directly, free from the ads and algorithms that drive social media

  • Exclusive benefits

    Give your fans what they want: a peek behind the scenes, extras they can’t get elsewhere, and the pride of fueling what you do.

Who can benefit from Tartl?

Tartl is a platform for all types of creators and artists including musicians, writers, YouTubers and everyone else who wishes to engage better with their fans through their content.

Getting started with Tartl

  • Set up your Tartl Page

    You have complete control over your page and can provide exclusive premium content and other benefits as part of your memberships

  • Promote your page

    Put up posts and stories on your digital media platforms, encouraging them to subscribe to your memberships

  • Maintain the momentum

    Get the impulsive engagement going through consistent creative offerings building a close knit community with your supporters.

You take home the majority

Irrespective of the number and price of the memberships you setup, you get to keep most of what you earn. We only charge 5% percentage of your earnings as platform fees, so we can keep our engines alive and kicking

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Centralized control of your other accounts

You will be able to integrate all your other social accounts including your blogs into your Tartl profile and engage with your followers under one roof

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Join the community as a supporter and get special and exclusive access

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Tartl is a membership platform for all creators where they can setup memberships and make sustainable, recurring money from their work by giving exclusive benefits and experiences and have a direct relationship with their supporters.

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