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To help you achieve your goals, we are offering you some of tartl’s pro features for FREE for a limited period.

In fact, till you achieve your first 50,000 INR from your supporters through Tartl, we won’t charge you for these features at all. Creating a stable space for creatives is what Tartl strives to do. So go ahead, create, while we help you achieve just that.


  • - Follower Engagements
  • - Management Tools
  • - Monthly Payouts
  • - Creator Support


Everything in Basic &

  • - Messaging
  • - Collaboration
  • - Unlimited App Integrations
  • - Community
  • - Forums & Discussions
  • - Live Sessions
  • - Access to offline/online creator workshops
  • - Priority Customer Support


Everything in PRO &

  • - Dedicated Creator Success Manager
  • - Team Accounts

You take home


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For Creators

Tartl acts as a tech enabler to optimise your engagement with your followers.

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For Followers

Become a part of an elite pool of supporters who receive exclusive benefits, experiences and rewards from your favorite creators.

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